Roger Smith, PhD (Research)

Roger Smith, PhD

Roger O. Smith’s research focuses on measurement related to disability and the application of assistive technology and universal design. In measurement, Smith examines assessments to determine their reliability and validity in use. He has created a software-based evaluation system that uses a branching question structure called TTSS (Trichotomous Tailored Sub-branching Scoring.) One component of Smith’s current research specifically investigates the utility of the TTSS methodology as embedded in OTFACT software.

Smith also investigates the effectiveness of assistive technology and universal design interventions on the lives of people with disabilities. Currently, Smith directs several federally-funded projects.

Smith has served as primary author and director for more than 30 grant and contract awards of over $8 million of extramural-sponsored research and training programs. These projects have supported many dozens of students in assistive technology training and in research support positions.

Smith is the director of the R2D2 Center which provides an interdisciplinary home for basic research, applied research and development, as well as innovative instruction related to technology and disability.

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