Erik D. Muther (Non-profit)

Erik D. Muther

Erik Muther is Vice President at Discern Health, where he leads programs related to quality improvement, new payment models, and value-based care, with a focus on multi-stakeholder transformation initiatives. Erik has over 23 years of health care experience leading a wide range of performance measurement, measure alignment, quality strategy, and value-based incentive programs. He specializes in managing multi-stakeholder initiatives to align health care metrics, incentives, outcomes, and payment methodologies.

At Discern, Erik works with the partners and senior staff to develop and lead initiatives that leverage a value-based approach to care delivery, improve the quality and affordability of healthcare, and set strategic direction for clients in a value-based environment. Erik’s recent projects include providing strategic advice to clients on the development, maintenance, selection, and use of health care performance measures, as well as developing and presenting educational content to a diverse client base on quality measurement and value-based purchasing programs.

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