Nahigian Strategies, LLC is an award-winning, 19-year- old full-service strategic communications and public relations firm located in the heart of Washington DC. Our expertise is connecting your message with your target audience(s). NS has designed and managed some of the largest nationally targeted, as well as locally focused, earned media campaigns on record. We work for clients ranging in size from small start up businesses or non-profits, to presidential campaigns, multi-national Fortune 500 corporations, and national associations.

We can empower your business to take action in order to get ahead of potential challenges and anticipate opportunities. Our team has a proven track record of success, and the campaign-style energy we bring to achieving our clients’ goals is unrivaled.

What we do is simple. We will help you win and grow.

Keith Nahigian


Ken Nahigian

General Council and Director of Public Policy

Lynn Hatcher

Communications Associate