ICYMI: Institute for Surgical Excellence Leads Discussion at IDEAL Conference

Washington, May 10, 2017- In May, the Institute for Surgical Excellence (ISE) played a significant role in the organization and facilitation of the IDEAL Conference in New York, NY. The purpose of the IDEAL conference was to discuss the strategy towards the commitment to improving the quality of research in surgery. ISE lead the discussions and helped develop the framework during the robotic surgery segment.
ISE held two sessions on robotic surgery, “Specialty Practical Applications of the Different Stages of IDEAL” and “Implementation Strategies and Hurdles for a Robotic Registry and Describing the Registry for the Future.” These sessions resulted in a framework for the stages of development of surgical and interventional innovations including:
– Stage 1: Idea phase
– Stage 2a: Development phase
– Stage 2b: Exploration phase
– Stage 3: Assessment phase
– Stage 4: Long-term study phase
ISE brought together experts in various fields as faculty to lead the robotic surgery segment. The faculty included:
– Jeffrey Levy, MD, Interim Executive Director for ISE
– Vip Patel, MD – MD, Medical Director, Global Robotics Institute, Celebration, FL
– Jim Hu, MD, Ronald Lynch Professor of Urologic Oncology, Weill Cornell Medicine
– Martin Martino, MD – Med Director, Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery, Lehigh Valley. ISE Board of Directors
– Roberto Bergamaschi , MD – Professor of Surgery, Stony Brook Medicine
– Sloane Guy, MD – Associate Professor of Clinical Cardiothoracic Surgery, Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University
– Binita Ashar, MD – Director, Division of Surgical Devices, Device Evaluation, FDA
– Danica Marinac-Dabic, MD, PhD, Director, Division of Epidemiology, FDA
– Jaime Wong, MD, MBA, Medical Officer, Intuitive Surgical
– Chaitanya Dahagam, MD – Global Partner Innovation Executive, IBM Watson

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