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Provider Focused

Scientific Analysis, Education, Research

ISE’s mission is to develop and promote the highest possible level of surgical safety and training standards to ensure that those who utilize cutting-edge surgical technologies may deliver quality care leading to excellent outcomes for their patients.


ISE Will Help


Bring together and drive consensus of key stakeholders from a variety of sectors utilizing a systems-based approach (collective impact model) to identify issues, set clearly defined goals, facilitate collaboration, determine and fill gaps for emerging medical technologies.


Establish and promulgate voluntary metrics and standards for education, training, and assessment for the safe adoption of emerging technologies for healthcare providers and organizations through consensus of all stakeholders.


Establish and promulgate voluntary standards for verification and validation of knowledge, skills, and behaviors in the healthcare community.


Serve as an information center and play a major role in sharing of best practices, new education and training models, curricula, and other resources.


Accelerate and enhance the safe adoption of new effective healthcare technologies to ensure better healthcare for all patients.


Network hospitals providing best practices around emerging technologies.


Foster multi- and interdisciplinary collaboration.


Pursue innovative research and development projects as related to emerging technologies including submission of grant proposals and implementation of projects.


Collaborate with other regional and national 501(c)(3) organizations interested in emerging healthcare technologies and patient safety.


Provide guidance to minimize waste and redundancies related to emerging technologies.


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