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The Mission

The Institute for Surgical Excellence (ISE) is a 501(c)(3) public charity, whose mission is to create lasting solutions for complex healthcare problems related to emerging technologies, with the ultimate goal to improve patient care and outcomes. ISE utilizes a systems-based approach (collective impact model) to bring together key stakeholders from a variety of sectors to identify issues, set clearly defined goals, facilitate collaboration, determine and fill gaps, and better inform healthcare consumers.


Division of ISE Activites

As a result of issues identified from key stakeholders and advisors, ISE is dividing its activities into two main areas:

Scientific Analysis, Education and Research

Fostering multi and interdisciplinary collaborations to help establish and promulgate metrics and standards for education, training, assessment, research and validation for the safe adoption of emerging technologies for healthcare providers and organizations.

Educating the Public

Building awareness and educating the public, government, regulators, industry leaders, and community leaders on the highest standards and best practices of emerging surgical technologies through content development appropriate for the general public and coordination outcomes registries.



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